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Rolls-Royce announces shortlist for Young Designer Competition

All manufacturers around the world had to join hands during the time of Covid 19 induced lockdowns because there was absolutely no other way. On this, management group knew how tough it would be for people to stay with their children 24/7 and so various methods of distractions came up.

Coloring books as well as board games came into minds as loads of fun things. However, when Rolls-Royce People came up with an idea of competition which was directed towards kids below sixteen years who were supposed to depict what they saw as “the car of the [near] future.”

The protests began in April and were projected to last six weeks until May. To begin with, Rolls-Roycze had its lease extended up to June 3 because the competitors were such a hit with the public. At that point, more than five thousand entries had been made by children from over eighty countries.

Judges demanded that participants should come up with their own design for a dream Rolls Royce bearing bespoke features upon request in the future. And they didn’t disappoint.

We have experienced tremendous successes through our young designers in the Young Designer Competition, which is the context. However, that is not only the case as far as quantity is concerned because the youngster s`s designs are ovewhelmingly imaginative, creative and artistic to an extent.

Our instinct told us to give children an outlet or platform where they could let loose their creativity and it does seem very productive so far. On this, Gavin Hartley who is the head of bespoke design at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars says they have been fantastic, and even offered their very stiff challenge when it was time to choose from the short list and the final winner.

Here is a place for you to look through entire short list; rolls-royce model perception by kids and their innovation on your own behalf!! It is indeed fascinating experiment. Hartley and the panel of judges are most likely to choose a winner between late July and early August, which then goes ahead into final presentation.

Rolls-Royce fosters dreamers. It was an equally inspirational competition to our designer team for it allowed young people to express some of their dreams at least through their painting. “This has brought it back to us regarding what is achievable for humans in terms of their imagine nature and urged us to strive to achieve the expectations of our customers’, Hartley concluded”.

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