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800+ HP BMW M5 vs 900+ HP Audi S8 in mad drag race

800+ HP BMW M5 vs 900+ HP Audi S8 in Mad Drag Race

When you tune and modify two of Germany’s mightiest super sedans, the results are incredible. In this epic drag race, a 817 HP BMW M5 Competition takes on a 903 HP Audi S8 for quarter-mile domination. This street-legal head-to-head battle shows how tuning can unlock unbelievable speed and power from luxury icons.

BMW M5 Competition Specs and Mods

The BMW M5 Competition packs a heavily upgraded 4.4L twin-turbo V8 pumping out 617 HP and 553 lb-ft torque from the factory. For this drag race, the M5 was equipped with:

  • Renovatio Motorsport Twin Turbo Upgrade – Larger upgraded turbochargers push output to 817 HP
  • MCS Coilovers – Lowers M5 height and provides adjustable damping
  • Akrapovič Exhaust – Titanium exhaust system sheds weight and amplifies sound
  • 21” Vorsteiner VFF-111 Wheels – Wider staggered wheels improve grip
  • Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R Tires – Track-focused tires optimized for acceleration

These mods extract an additional 200 HP from the M5’s powertrain while improving handling and traction off the line.

Audi S8 Specs and Modifications

In stock form, the Audi S8 generates 563 HP and 590 lb-ft torque from a twin-turbo 4.0L V8. The S8 in this matchup comes equipped with:

  • ABT Power Upgrades – ECU tune and upgraded pulley system increase output to 903 HP
  • ABT Suspension – Lowers ride height and optimizes damping
  • 22” Wheels – Wider wheels enhance grip and accommodate larger brakes
  • Carbon Ceramic Brakes – Massive 16.5” front and 14.6” rear brakes improve stopping power

The tuned ABT S8 takes the already brawny sedan’s performance to supercar levels. Over 900 HP in a luxury four-door is simply mind-blowing.

Head-to-Head Roll Race

In the first face-off, the M5 Competition and S8 line up for a rolling start 20 MPH roll race. With both cars in their highest performance modes, they accelerate flat out from 20 mph.

Despite being down 85 horsepower on paper, the M5’s lighter curb weight helps it jump ahead early. The S8 closes the gap but simply runs out of tarmac. The M5 Competition takes the first round.

Side-by-Side Drag Race

For the main event, the tuned German luxury titans line up side-by-side for an traditional standing start quarter-mile drag race.

Off the line, the S8’s all-wheel drive helps it launch faster. But the M5’s rear-biased AWD system still enables explosive acceleration, keeping the race incredibly tight. At the end, only 0.2 seconds separate the two uber-sedans at the finish line!

The S8 crosses the quarter-mile mark at 163 mph vs the M5’s 159 mph trap speed. This matchup proved nearly too close to call, coming down to the drivers perfectly optimizing traction.

Key Takeaways from the Epic Drag Race

This battle highlights how tuning elevates both the BMW M5 and Audi S8 to supercar-challenging performance levels. While heavy and comfortable, their advanced drivetrains respond incredibly well to upgrades.

Wheels, tires, and suspension mods are just as important as engine power to maximize acceleration. Tuning the M5 Competition and S8 transforms them into legitimate rockets ready to devastate supercars costing multiple times more. Mercedes-AMG, consider yourselves on notice!


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