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G80 BMW M3 vs Audi RS4 Avant

Usually we don’t do M3 versus RS4 Avant comparisons, due to the former being a sedan and the latter being a wagon. However, this time around, the BMW M3 will be getting a wagon variant. So even though it’s not revealed just yet, Just imagine mixing the new M3’s styling with the BMW M340i Touring and you’ve got an idea of what the M3 Touring is going to look like. With that said, let’s take a look at how the G80 M3 and the current Audi RS4 Avant compare.

Obviously, we haven’t driven the M3 yet. Actually, we’ve driven neither, as the RS4 Avant isn’t available in America. So this comparison is limited to just their style. So let’s see which car looks better.

Up front, there’s no question that the Audi RS4 Avant is the safer looking of the two cars. After its mid-cycle facelift, the RS4 became quite a bit more aggressive looking. Yet compared to the new BMW M3, the Audi looks no more aggressive than a lease-special A4. The M3’s mahoosive grilles and angry headlights make it the far more menacing looking car. Does that make it better looking? To these eyes, no. The M3 has some good qualities up front, such as its slick headlights. But that new grille design does it no favors. So the RS4 Avant takes the frontal victory.

In profile, it’s hard to really compare the two, considering that one is a wagon and one’s a sedan but we do know that the aforementioned M3 Touring is on the way, so just imaging the M3 with a long roof. That being settled, the BMW M3 is the cooler looking car from the side. It’s far more muscular and it has a perfect stance. It looks like a proper sports car, while the RS4 Avant looks a bit too pedestrian. Also, the Audi’s wheels just aren’t good.

The BMW M3 takes the win out back as well. While there’s really nothing wrong with the RS4’s rear end, it’s a bit too boring and safe. The taillights look nice and the oval exhausts are cool but it’s the M3 that brings the theater. The rear wheel arches swell to give it muscular haunches and the quad exhausts look more aggressive than the RS4’s dual ovals. So the RS4 is fine but the M3 looks better.

Comparing the two inside is a bit unfair, considering the RS4’s basic design is several years old now but the M3 still takes the victory here. It looks more special a bit more exciting inside the M3. Again, the Audi RS4 still looks good but it’s aging quickly as of late and the BMW’s more modern, sportier interior looks better.

Now it comes to choosing an overall winner. This is much tougher than this article makes it sound. While the BMW M3 won all but one category, that one category that it lost was by a huge margin. See, the new M3 looks really good from almost all angles and really bad from one. Whereas the Audi RS4 doesn’t look spectacular from any angle but also doesn’t look bad from any angle either.

So I’m gonna give the win to the BMW M3, due to it being better looking in more categories but am slightly reluctant to do so. For a customer that wants something brash, aggressive and potentially more exciting, the M3 is likely the right car. For someone that’s okay with a more staid, yet still very handsome car, the Audi RS4 Avant is the choice.

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