Does the Farm Bureau’s Car Insurance cover My Windshield?

Does My Farm Bureau Car Insurance Cover My Windshield?
Does My Farm Bureau Car Insurance Cover My Windshield?

Does Farm Bureau’s Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

Experiencing cracked or chipped windshields can be an annoying and expensive hassle. Insurance provided by auto insurers like Farm Bureau may help cover windshield repairs and replacement. This article examines Farm Bureau’s windshield coverage in different states, limitations, deductibles, and claims processes to understand if and how Farm Bureau auto policies cover windshield damage.

Overview of Farm Bureau Insurance

Farm Bureau insurance offers policies for:

  • Auto insurance in 14 states
  • Home and property insurance in 50 states
  • Life, health, and other ancillary insurance products

As an insurer focused on rural communities, Farm Bureau aims to provide affordable coverage tailored to agricultural families’ needs. But specific policy offerings differ by state.

Auto Insurance Coverages from Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau provides standard auto insurance coverages like:

  • Liability insurance
  • Collision and comprehensive
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist
  • Medical payments
  • Towing and rental reimbursement

Additional coverages like windshield protection may be available depending on your state.

Does Farm Bureau Have Windshield Coverage?

Availability of windshield coverage varies among Farm Bureau’s state operations:

Selected States With Windshield Coverage

  • Tennessee – Cracked/chipped windshield repair or replacements covered with $0 deductible
  • Mississippi – $0 deductible for windshield repairs, $100 deductible for full replacement
  • Michigan – $0 deductible on comprehensive coverage for glass breakage

States Without Explicit Windshield Coverage

  • Texas, Iowa, Alabama, Louisiana – No specific windshield coverage mentioned
  • Indiana, Nebraska, New Mexico – Only if purchased as separate glass coverage

Consult your state’s policy documents or agent to confirm coverage. Parts of windshield damage may also fall under comprehensive coverage.

Windshield Coverage Details and Requirements

When covered, typical Farm Bureau windshield policy parameters include:

  • $0 deductible for repairs of chips and cracks
  • $50-$100 deductible for full windshield replacement
  • Covers glass damage from road debris, weather, vandalism
  • Policy may need to be active prior to damage for eligibility
  • Only covers windshield area, not other window glass
  • May necessitate using Farm Bureau’s approved glass repair shops

Review Farm Bureau’s deductibles, exclusions, and claims process for your particular state.

Why Windshield Coverage Matters

Windshield protection helps by:

  • Keeping small glass repairs affordable instead of paying the full cost
  • Avoiding larger expenses when entire windshield must be replaced
  • Preventing further damage that occurs when cracks spread
  • Maintaining structural integrity and proper mounting if replacing
  • Simplifying repairs through direct insurance billing to shops

Given repair costs of hundreds of dollars, windshield coverage brings welcome savings.

Reporting Windshield Damage to Farm Bureau

To utilize your windshield coverage with Farm Bureau:

  • Document damage with photos showing location and size of chips/cracks
  • Call your Farm Bureau agent as soon as possible to report damage
  • Provide vehicle year, make, model, policy number
  • Discuss repair shop options covered by your policy
  • Review deductible amounts you’ll be responsible for
  • Ask about claim procedures and forms required

Promptly notifying Farm Bureau kicks off the claims process so repairs can proceed.

Getting Windshield Damage Repaired

To fix windshield chips and cracks:

  • Choose a glass shop approved by Farm Bureau to avoid paying full price
  • Schedule repair appointment and provide insurance documentation
  • Pay any applicable deductible amount to the shop
  • Have the shop bill the remaining repair cost to Farm Bureau directly
  • Obtain an invoice showing total charge and insurance payment

Utilizing Farm Bureau’s network shops makes getting covered windshield repairs easy.

Bundling Auto and Home Insurance With Farm Bureau

Policyholders who bundle auto and home insurance with Farm Bureau may receive discounts like:

  • 10% discount off each policy when packaged together
  • Additional multi-line discounts if insuring a farm, ATVs, etc.
  • Range of discounts like multi-vehicle, safe driver, good student, etc.

Check with local Farm Bureau agents for applicable bundling savings in your state. Multiple policies can reduce overall insurance premiums.

Is Farm Bureau Right for You?

Farm Bureau insurance offers affordable coverage focused on rural communities. For drivers seeking quality insurance at competitive prices, Farm Bureau is worth considering. Verify they offer the coverages you want in your location at a premium you can manage. Reviewing options from multiple insurers ensures you find the right provider.

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