Mercedes Trucks: Quick Overview

With light, medium and heavy vehicles, the future-oriented Mercedes-Benz brand has repeatedly crossed creative boundaries, from efficient drive systems and driverless technology to active and passive safety features, according to Mercedes.

Mercedes Trucks: Quick Overview Viraltrendcar

For decades, Mercedes trucks have provided transportation solutions, whether it be capable passenger vehicles, construction industry, or large-scale distribution. With light, medium and heavy vehicles, the future-oriented Mercedes-Benz brand has repeatedly crossed creative boundaries, from efficient drive systems and driverless technology to active and passive safety features, according to Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class

Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2020, the Mercedes-Benz G-class is the brand’s longest-serving passenger car. The G-class started out as a unique concept with an unprecedented combination of a highly operational all-terrain vehicle with road performance and passenger safety. The high quality of the G-class is evidenced by the fact that 80% of the models ever produced are still in use globally.

This model is still true to the original idea, from the edgy design to the special ‘squeal’ when closed. However, the technology has continued to evolve and the current G-class in every aspect is the best ever, especially in terms of on-road handling, off-road capabilities, and passenger comfort.

With a ladder frame, a two-speed transfer box, and three lockable different scopes, the G-class can go practically anywhere. It has the ability to extend the slope up to 100% on good surfaces and maintain stable processing on 35-degree shore angles. To overcome water hazards, it is nearly 28 inches water-resistant.

The practicality and capabilities of the G-class have shown that it is used in many variants. The fire department, police force, and military use special editions. It was also known to the world in the 1980s when a specially adapted model with a glass body was used as the official ‘Popemobile’ to accompany Pope John Paul II during his state visits.

For two decades, an AMG G-class model has been offered with significantly enhanced performance. The Mercedes-AMG G 63 accounts for a third of G-class sales, making it the most popular model in the G-class. In 2017, a limited number of 99 luxury Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulets were produced. They have exclusive interiors, electric soft hoods, V-12 engines, and port shafts.

As of 2019, with personalized options available, customers can create their own proprietary G-class by selecting from over a million configuration combinations. In theory, decades of production could not see two identical models.

Mercedes-Benz Unimog

First produced in 1948, Unimog is a handy vehicle for Mercedes trucks. It has been used in France to fight forest fires, take visitors to the etna crater in Sicily, and as a means of rescue at sea in Germany. Unimog’s reliability and ability to go anywhere has made it a necessary multipurpose vehicle worldwide. It was voted ‘Terrain Vehicle of the Year’ by readers of Off-Road magazine for 15 consecutive years.

Unimog is in its own class with a wide range of attributes that can be specialized for any imaginable work and special tasks. Its short nose and legendary handling can only be judged as they operate on the harshest terrain. Unimog’s comprehensive capabilities also set standards for maintenance costs, longevity, and efficiency.

Although Unimog was originally manufactured in Göppingen, Mercedes-Benz said demand for Unimog exceeded production capacity and in 1951 production was moved to the Gaggenau Daimler-Benz truck factory. This seems fitting because the plant produced its first all-terrain vehicle in 1907.

In the post-war years, in Germany known as the miraculous years, Unimog was a sales success. The U 416 was produced for 24 years and sold 45,336 units, with only the Unimog S selling more. U 416 has been adapted for a variety of uses, including:

Running on the tracks with the adapted road and rail
An aid convoy
Ambulances transporting patients
A tractor unit
Three-axis conversion
Car conversion tracking
After converting specifically for an expedition vehicle, a lightweight Unimog is now available with the camper’s torso for camping adventures in the harsh global wilderness.

Mercedes-Benz Actros

Launched in 2018, the new Mercedes-Benz Actros truck immediately attracted attention thanks to its special curved lighting system on future headlights and bridge mirrors. The improved truck delivers higher performance, lower fuel consumption, and significant improvements in driver safety and comfort.

One of the most important improvements is Active Drive Assist, which for the first time is available on a production truck, providing semi-automatic driving at all speeds. Previous systems only operate within a certain speed range. The Active Driving Assistance System uses a combination of camera and radar information for vertical and horizontal control within the speed range.

If the truck is too close to the vehicle in front, the Active Driving Assistance System will apply the brakes. Then it will accelerate up to a pre-set speed. The system also keeps the truck in the right lane and will intervene if it accidentally leaves its lane. The lane position and rear distance of the truck can be adjusted from the driver assistance menu.

Previously, exterior camera mirrors were only seen on idea trucks, but Mercedes trucks would have the advantage of new technology. The new Actros is the world’s first production truck to have MirrorCam. Using only cameras and digital screens, the system provides the driver with significantly improved panoramic views. Another advantage is to reduce fuel consumption as digital cameras are more efficient in terms of dynamics than the mirrors they replace.

The new Actros reduces fuel consumption by up to 3% on motorways and highways compared to the previous model, while on the back road the savings can be 5%. According to Paragon Routing, using 2018 figures, long-distance trucks average over 91,000 miles per year, so cost savings for the truck operators are enormous. The new transmission ratio is supported by the new transmission ratio for the weight-optimized rear bridge.

For drivers, external observation is enhanced by a new smart lighting system including automatic distant lights, automatic corner lights, fog lamps, and LED daylights. Inside, the multimedia cockpit has a dual 10-inch color display. Replacing the usual measuring device is a high-resolution flat-screen digital display that provides all the necessary information about the vehicle and the driver, while the central screen can be configured individually to suit the needs of the driver.

These Mercedes trucks are the leading vehicles in their respective fields.

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