Ineos Projekt Grenadier SUV images teased a day before its debut

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Ineos Projekt Grenadier SUV images teased a day before its debut

Ineos Grenadier SUV Teased Ahead of Official Unveiling

Ineos Projekt Grenadier SUV images teased a day before its debut

Rugged Off-Roader Promises Hardcore 4×4 Capability

New images of the upcoming Ineos Grenadier SUV provide the best look yet at the rugged off-roader. Set for its official debut on July 1st, the Grenadier aims to be a stripped-down, body-on-frame 4×4 designed for extreme conditions. Backed by billions in funding from parent company Ineos, the Grenadier could emerge as a compelling alternative to the iconic Defender.

Ineos Grenadier Origins and Development

In 2017, billionaire Jim Ratcliffe was disappointed after Land Rover decided to end production of the famously rugged Defender SUV. Sensing an opportunity, Ratcliffe tasked his company Ineos with developing a spiritual successor to the Defender – an uncompromising 4×4 engineered exclusively for utility rather than luxury.

Dubbed “Projekt Grenadier”, named after a pub, the new SUV began development in 2018. Ineos acquired an unused factory in Wales and formed a team including former Jaguar Land Rover executives to lead the Grenadier’s design. Off-road experts were also enlisted to ensure the Grenadier prioritized function over form.

Teaser Images Provide the Best Look Yet

In late June, Ineos revealed a series of images showing the Grenadier prototypes testing on- and off-road and in extreme conditions:

  • Boxy profile and short front and rear overhangs optimize approach/departure angles
  • Chunky tires and raised suspension indicate serious off-road intentions
  • Ladder frame chassis and body-on-frame construction evident
  • Rugged details like tow hooks, roof rack, auxiliary lights

Additionally, earlier teaser images confirm:

  • Removable doors and roof panels to enhance open-air feel
  • Straightforward analog-style interior lacking touchscreens
  • Beefy front axle suspension and protective skid plates

While final production design remains under camouflage wrap, the Grenadier clearly adheres to a function-over-form ethos.

Grenadier Powertrain – Gas and Diesel Options

Ineos confirmed the Grenadier will offer two engine options:

3.0L Turbocharged Gas Inline-6

  • BMW-sourced B58 turbocharged gasoline inline-6
  • Generates 335 horsepower and 369 lb-ft torque
  • Rear-wheel drive with available selectable 4WD

3.0L Twin-Turbo Diesel Inline-6

  • BMW-sourced B57 diesel inline-6
  • Produces 282 horsepower and 443 lb-ft torque
  • Permanent AWD with available locking differentials

Both engines utilize an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission designed for high torque applications.

Chassis and Suspension Design

The Grenadier utilizes body-on-frame construction on an all-new ladder frame chassis:

  • Ladder frame optimized for rigidity and durability
  • Coil sprung rigid axles front and rear
  • Dual-range selectable transfer case for low speeds
  • Permanent AWD or selectable 4WD depending on powertrain
  • Electronic locking differentials for challenging terrain

This robust chassis and suspension layout is ideal for conquering tough terrain thanks to generous articulation and ground clearance.

Interior – Analog Design Simplicity

Renderings depict a straightforward interior focused on ease of use and durability:

  • Bench front seats to accommodate 3 passengers
  • Rubberized flooring for easy cleaning
  • Analog gauges and switches – no central touchscreen
  • Open center console with tray storage and cupholders
  • Secondary touchscreen for infotainment
  • Round air vents and squared off finishes

The Grenadier’s interior favors function and simplicity over opulence. Controls are designed for intuitive operation while wearing gloves.

Bringing the Grenadier to Market

Ineos plans to launch the Grenadier globally in limited volumes:

  • Production output around 25,000 units per year
  • Will be manufactured at Ineos’s new factory in Bridgend, Wales
  • Pricing expected to start between $50,000-$60,000
  • Initial target markets include Africa, Europe, Australia
  • U.S. sales likely to follow after satisfying global demand

Partners like MBTech, ZF, and BMW provide chassis, drivetrain, and electronics expertise.

The forthcoming Grenadier combines rugged body-on-frame construction with the refinement of modern BMW powertrains. Ineos appears well-positioned to deliver a compelling alternative to the iconic original Defender by focusing purely on off-road capability. The Grenadier could find a niche among hardcore 4×4 enthusiasts if Ineos can execute on its ambitious vision.

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