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Ineos Grenadier rugged 4×4 design is revealed

Ineos Grenadier Rugged 4×4 Design is Revealed – A Body-on-Frame Off-Roader With Retro Looks

The new Ineos Grenadier 4×4 has finally broken cover, revealing a rugged, back-to-basics design inspired by the classic Defender. Founded by billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, Ineos is aiming to disrupt the SUV scene with this ultra-capable body-on-frame 4WD crafted for adventures. Let’s take a closer look at the Grenadier’s design cues and off-road credentials.

Origins of the Ineos Grenadier Project

In 2017, Ineos founder Jim Ratcliffe was dismayed after Land Rover ended production of the iconic Defender SUV. Sensing an opening, Ratcliffe decided to deliver a spiritual successor – a stripped down, no-frills 4×4 built solely for extreme off-roading rather than luxury.

Code named Projekt Grenadier, development began in 2018. Various legends were recruited like expedition leader Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who helped set design priorities like ease of repair. The collective mission was clear – build the world’s toughest 4×4 tailored for the most demanding situations on and off the road.

Overall Design and Dimensions

Similar to the Defender’s DNA, the Grenadier rejects curves for boxiness:

  • Boasts classic squared off proportions with short front and rear overhangs
  • Rides on a separate frame rather than monocoque for durability
  • Measures 4.92m long and 2.03m wide including mirrors
  • Stands 1.93m tall on chunky 32-inch tires
  • Features near 50/50 weight distribution for off-road agility
  • Wading depth of 800mm and maximum payload of 1 tonne

The Grenadier certainly looks the part of a rugged adventure 4×4. Form follows function.

Exterior Styling Details

Ineos selected an exterior design deliberately devoid of frivolous styling elements:

  • Steel body and aluminum hood and fenders shrug off dents and damage
  • Fixed aluminum roof rack to mount bulky gear or spare tires
  • Front and rear recovery points integrated into the bumpers
  • Exposed hinges and door releases easy to service and clean
  • Standard wheel arches accommodate massive tire diameters up to 35-inches
  • Dual fuel filler caps and raised air intakes for wading

Even base models come prepared for the harshest terrain straight from the factory.

Interior Design – Simple and Practical

Climbing inside reveals an interior prioritizing functionality over luxury:

  • Durable rubber floors standard – easily hosed out after messy excursions
  • Water drainage channels in foot wells prevent flooding
  • Washable leather seats and wipe down interior surfaces
  • Controls use knobs and physical buttons – no distracting touchscreens
  • Auxiliary switches pre-wired for accessories like winches and lights
  • Rear seats remove entirely for maximum cargo room

It’s an interior tailored for expeditions and designed to accommodate custom equipment installs.

Grenadier Powertrain Options

The Grenadier will offer two engine choices:

3.0L Straight-Six BMW Diesel

  • inline-6 3.0L turbo diesel producing 286hp and 443 lb-ft torque
  • Proven reliability with roots in BMW X3 and X5 models
  • Permanent all-wheel drive with available locking differentials

3.0L Straight-Six Gas BMW Engine

  • 3.0L twin-turbo gas inline-6 generating 335hp and 369 lb-ft torque
  • Rear-wheel drive standard with available selectable 4WD
  • Based on engine from latest BMW 3-Series and 5-Series

Both powertrains employ ZF 8-speed automatic transmissions designed to handle high torque outputs.

Off-Road Capability Details

Make no mistake – the Grenadier is engineered for formidable off-road performance:

Two-Speed Transfer Case

Selectable high and low range gearing for steep inclines or extreme traction scenarios.

Differential Locks

Available electronic locking differentials on both front and rear improve traction in mud and sand.

Wading Depth

800mm water wading ability when fitted with optional raised air intake kit.

Approach/Departure Angles

Ultra-steep approach and departure angles enabled by minimal front and rear overhangs.

Ground Clearance

Impressive 264mm of ground clearance even in base configuration. Further raised with optional suspension lift kit.

The Grenadier is designed to conquer the most challenging terrain and conditions on Earth.

Launch Timing and Pricing Details

Ineos plans to launch the Grenadier late 2021 in Europe followed by North America and Africa:

  • Production output is projected at 20,000-30,000 units per year
  • Roughly 1,000 employees will be hired at the new production facility in Bridgend, Wales
  • Base pricing around £40,000 (~$48,000 USD)
  • Significant customization options and accessories available

While not cheap, the Grenadier undercuts rival 4x4s like the Mercedes G-Wagon and Land Rover Defender by a wide margin. Ineos aims to disrupt established players in the ultra-rugged off-roader segment. Based on the Grenadier’s impressive credentials and unique design, they are well-positioned to succeed.

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