How to buy a cheap used car from Hertz in 7 steps

How to buy a cheap used car from Hertz in 7 steps
How to buy a cheap used car from Hertz in 7 steps

How to Buy a Cheap Used Car from Hertz in 7 Simple Steps

Hertz offers great deals on used rental cars for sale with their Hertz Car Sales program. With huge discounts off the original MSRP, Hertz used cars can be thousands below normal used car prices. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you hunt down and buy a cheap, quality used rental car from Hertz.

Step 1 – Check Hertz Inventory Online

Search current Hertz Car Sales inventory online at Their website lets you:

  • Browse by make, model, vehicle type
  • View prices, mileage, features
  • See current promos and discounts
  • Sort by newest or lowest miles

Enter your zip code to see Hertz inventory at local dealers. Research value ratings on models that interest you.

Step 2 – Compare Prices to Used Market

Once you spot Hertz used cars appealing to you:

  • Note mileage, condition, features of vehicles
  • Compare pricing to used listings on Autotrader,
  • Calculate discount % below normal used asking prices
  • Factor in remaining manufacturer warranty coverage
  • Identify best value Hertz models and prices

Used Hertz cars discounted 20-40% off regular used prices are common. Just be sure to compare apples to apples on mileage and condition.

Step 3 – Get Preapproved for Financing

Since you’ll pay in full if buying from Hertz, come preapproved:

  • Check rates from banks, credit unions, and online lenders
  • See if Hertz offers any financing promotions
  • Get preapproved for your credit score tier
  • Calculate payment estimates based on Hertz prices
  • Have loan approval letter to show dealer

Having financing prearranged makes the buying process easier.

Step 4 – Schedule Hertz Test Drive

Once you’ve identified top Hertz car prospects:

  • Call your local Hertz dealer to schedule test drives
  • Ask if they will hold the car if you place a refundable deposit
  • Inspect condition inside and out, start engine, test brakes
  • Drive at highway speeds and on rough roads to assess noise
  • Have a mechanic inspect if desired

Take your time evaluating Hertz rental cars to find the best option for you.

Step 5 – Negotiate Hertz Used Car Price

Unlike franchised dealers, you likely won’t negotiate much off Hertz’s online used car prices. But you can still try:

  • Mention any issues identified during test drive
  • Point out higher pricing for similar models at other dealers
  • Ask about any wiggle room from their online price
  • Inquire about trade in options if you have a car
  • Request any current discount promos advertised

If paying cash, Hertz may knock off a few hundred dollars. Present competitive offers for leverage.

Step 6 – Close the Deal Paperwork

Once you’ve settled on your Hertz used car:

  • Provide your preapproval loan letter if financing
  • Submit driver’s license, insurance card, payment info
  • Review sales contract closely before signing
  • Pay sale price minus any deposit already made
  • Request complimentary CARFAX report

Decline all extras like warranties to keep transaction simple and costs minimized.

Step 7 – Transfer Registration and Get Serviced

To wrap up your Hertz used car purchase:

  • Confirm title is transferred and registration completed
  • Update insurance policy with new vehicle’s VIN
  • Take to repair shop for inspection and any needed service
  • Address any minor issues immediately while under warranty
  • Enjoy your “new” used car bought smart at the right price!

Following this process allows smoothly purchasing quality used cars at a discount from Hertz. Take advantage of the savings off first year depreciation. Just be sure to thoroughly inspect the vehicle first. Hertz used cars provide an excellent budget-friendly alternative to dealership purchases.

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