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If you have ever served in the military, you and your family are eligible for special military car insurance discounts. USAA is a leading provider for active and retired military personnel, offering excellent prices and top customer satisfaction ratings. In J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance Study, USAA received high customer satisfaction ratings in every region.

Geico is another major military car insurance provider in the United States. Through Geico, active military members and those who are deploying in an emergency are eligible for a discount. There are also a number of other insurance companies that offer military car insurance discounts:

Armed Forces Insurance
Each army auto insurer has its own guidelines and offers different veteran car insurance discounts. To evaluate these companies, we looked at insurance options, discounts, customer service ratings, and average premiums for each provider.

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The best car insurance companies for military personnel and veterans
Specializing in products and services dedicated to retired and in-service military personnel and their families, USAA auto insurance is of top value when you buy the best discount military car insurance. According to its website, members save an average of $707 per year when switching to USAA.

Depending on the state you live in, USAA offers discounts of up to 15% on comprehensive insurance for a car or truck garage in a military base. If you are deployed, you will receive a discount of up to 60% on auto insurance while your car is being preserved.

USAA gives additional discounts on cases of safe driving, is a good student, buys insurance for a variety of vehicles, sticks with the company for long periods of time comes with policies and takes an approved safe driving course. If the driver has not had an accident due to an error within 5 years, they will automatically receive free accident forgiveness insurance according to their policy.

Although USAA generally offers affordable car insurance policies, specific rates vary by state and some individual factors. If you’re eligible for a USAA discount, you’ll save even more money. On its website, USAA explains how auto insurance rates are calculated.

To get a review from USAA, you’ll need to verify your eligibility. Whether you apply online or over the phone, be prepared to submit information about your military service details. Your eligibility must be verified before you can continue the evaluation process.

Besides being a reasonable choice for eligible people, USAA Auto Insurance achieves top ratings for customer service and offers privileges such as flexible payment plans at no extra cost.

Geico stands for Government Employee Insurance Company. Government employees or military personnel and their families are eligible for military auto insurance discounts. Geico discounts up to 15% for veterans and military personnel. The army in service was reduced by 15%.

To be eligible for Geico’s veteran car insurance discount, you need to be a member of:

United States Army Association (AUSA)
Fleet Reserve Association (FRA)
National Infantry Association (NIA)
Geico also discounts the military to members of several associations, including the Armed Forces Rights Association (AFBA), the United States Naval Federation (NLUS), the Naval Federal Credit Union (NFCU), and the American Military Control Association (ASMC). If customers are part of an emergency deployment to an imminent danger zone, they are eligible for a discount of up to 25%.

In addition to discounts for the military, Geico offers a variety of ways for customers to save money on their auto insurance premiums. Drivers can get discounts when there are some safety features of the car, taking a defensive driving course, becoming a good driver, accompanying policies, insuring more than one car, being good students, and more.

To determine how much you will pay for Geico car insurance, you will have to receive a personalized price. However, Geico is known for being cheap for all types of drivers. Depending on where you live, car insurance policies through Geico may be cheaper than USAA. To request a military discount, be prepared to verify your military status with the correct documentation.

Other insurers offer military discounts
Arbella is a small insurance company that is available to Massachusetts and Connecticut residents who are deploying more than 100 miles from their vehicles. It offers a 10% discount for military personnel in the army.

General Insurance is a subsidiary of PGC Holdings Corporation, which provides auto insurance to everyone, regardless of their military status. However, the company offers a military discount to members serving in the Army in Louisiana. And unlike the other providers on this list, The General is a great insurance option for those with poor credit scores or bad driving achievements.

Armed Forces Insurance
Similar to USAA auto insurance, Armed Forces Insurance is an insurance company focused on the military. Prices and services are very competitive between two military car insurance companies.

The main differences between AFI and USAA auto insurance are:

AFI has a financial rating of B++ while USAA has an A++ rating from global credit rating agency AM Best.
You can join USAA if you are in the army or retired in the military or if someone is in your family. Ex-spouses are included. Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS applicants are also eligible. AFI membership adds active or retired civil defense personnel or qualified current and former NOAA or PHS officers.
Cancel your auto insurance for upcoming deployments
If you’re preparing to launch, it’s important to make some changes to your auto insurance policy. The best option is to pause your coverage, instead of canceling your policy altogether. Canceling your auto insurance will cause a void in coverage, resulting in consequences, such as higher rates and even license suspensions.

If you have car insurance through USAA, you can save up to 60% of your insurance if you store your car during deployment. You are also eligible for a discount based on the mileage you drive in a year. If you’re a Geico customer, you can suspend or reduce coverage if you’ve deployed and stored your car for more than 30 days.

How to restore your auto insurance
When you return home after deployment, you’ll need to reinstate your auto insurance policy. Fortunately, this is a quick and easy process. Assuming you still have an active car insurance policy, just contact your provider and let them know that you want to restore your insurance.

If you reduce your coverage to save money during deployment, consider increasing a certain average before starting driving. Remember that you must restore your insurance before you leave. Driving without insurance or proof of financial responsibility is against the law, and it comes with severe consequences if you are caught.

Which firms have the best military automotive material insurance discounts?
USAA auto insurance has the best military and veteran auto insurance discounts. Not only can you significantly save money on your car insurance, but USAA also values high customer satisfaction.

What factors will affect my monthly car insurance premium?
Your monthly or annual premium depends on your age, location, credit score, driving history, vehicle type, and marital status. These factors apply to both military and non-military auto insurance.

How do I get a car insurance discount?
Depending on the insurance company, you need to be an in-service or retired military personnel, or a close family member of a military person such as a spouse or child, to qualify.

Who is eligible for USAA coverage?
Here are those eligible for USAA car insurance, according to the USAA website:

Officers and military personnel enlisted in the army, guards, reserves, retired and discharged honorable of the U.S. military
Contracted officer, center-back or officer candidates in operational programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS)
Children who have been older (age 18) of USAA members who have or have USAA’s property or automotive insurance policies
Spouses, ex-spouses, widows of USAA members who have or have USAA’s property or auto insurance policies

Are there other ways to save on your car insurance policy?
Right. Both USAA and Geico have additional discounts that are not related to military involvement. You can save more money on your monthly premium by insuring a new car, insuring multiple vehicles, packing your insurance policy, becoming a good driver or student, taking a safe driving course, and more. Most insurance providers have a list of discounts they offer on their website.

What evidence can I use to prove that I am eligible for military auto insurance?
Verification is different for every insurer, but you may need to submit a photo ID (driver’s license, ID card, or state passport) as well as one of the following military documents:

Certificate of discharge
Leave and Income Report (LES)
Military command if you are in the army
Academy appointment letter or ROTC contract

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