7 reasons why you shouldn’t drive without a license

Lured behind the wheel without a license? While you may think that just running to the store or even going to work is worth the risk, it’s not. Read on to find out how a simple traffic violation can become a big cost in life.

There are many reasons that you may find yourself unass permit-free —and there’s no path around town. If your license has been revoked for a DUI error or other serious violation or has expired — or if you don’t already have a license —it’s important to know what you’re at risk of losing if you still choose to sit in the driver’s seat.

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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drive Without a License

What are the consequences of Driving Without a License?
Well, there are a few.

1. You will find yourself in more debt.
With a fine of between $150 and $10,000, driving without a license is not the type of lottery you want to play. And these penalties are only for the first violations. Additional costs can pile up quickly. Consider how much insurance you’ll lose, possible court costs, vehicle custody fees, etc. — depending on how many times you’ve violated.

2. You may have to ask an attorney to participate.
If you lose your license because of DUI or other fees, you may have incurred a debt. If you face jail time because you were caught driving without a license — and you’ve been criminally charged — consider how much you have to pay to find a law firm representing you in court. Don’t be fooled by all the ads for free advice. It’s just to start your case. Consider the costs associated with paying an hourly criminal defense attorney just to reduce the penalties and charges caused by a wrongful decision.

3. You can add a minor or serious crime to your record.
Being pulled over by the police and fined is business, but driving without a license can result in you being pined to a range of offenses from traffic violations to prison sentences. In New York, for example, you could be jailed for 30 days. In Arizona, this mistake is considered a Class I miserable and can result in up to six months in prison. And for both New York and Arizona, these penalties can be introduced if only first violated. Try this in Florida a few times and you’ll have a third-degree crime on your record. Oh, my!

4. Your insurance rate will increase.
Insurers are also kind to those who take risks. Whether you currently have insurance or not, driving without a license still shouts: “Please charge me more insurance!” You’ll also find that you have fewer companies to choose from, as not all insurers insure high-risk drivers.

5. Your car (or motorbike) can say goodbye.
In states like Alabama, driving while having a license revoked, suspended or unlicensed means immediate parking. In addition to the $100-$500 fine in that same state, you’ll have to pay several hundred dollars for the detained plot just to get your vehicle back. In Alaska, you may even have to give up your car altogether.

6. Your vehicle registration may be revoked.
Let’s say that you get your car back from the detained plot. That’s fine unless your motor vehicle registration has been regained by the DMV (also known as recall). Now, you are faced with extra time to get your car back and the additional fees due to having to re-register your car.

7. Your license may be suspended for much longer.
A second violation in Colorado means you can’t even get a driver’s license for three years. Charged with a third violation in North Carolina, and you may be permanently suspended. Sure, it’s a pity you’ve had your license revoked. However, think about how much more you’ll miss out if your driving privileges are suspended longer — or forever.

Unlicensed Driving by State
If you’re wondering what the penalties for driving with a suspended license (or expired license) in your state are, the National Conference of State Legislatures has created a searchable database that includes all the details. Here, you can look up all 50 states, refer to the correct legislative code, and read the detailed penalties for each violation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driving Without a License

What is the maximum penalty for driving without a valid driver’s license?
Indiana is subject to the heaviest fines for traffic violations involving driving without a valid driver’s license. In this state, you can be fined up to $10,000.

What happens if you are caught driving without a license?
You’re really taking advantage of your chances of driving without a license, as penalties vary not only between states but also depending on the number of times you’re caught. Depending on these factors, you may be fined, you may be charged with a minor or a serious offense, your vehicle may be detained, a license may be revoked, number plate may be stripped, and you may even face a prison sentence.

How much is a fine for driving without a license?
If you are lucky enough to receive a traffic ticket (also known as a traffic violation), it can be up to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on the state in which you’re driving. For example, in Idaho, people convicted for the first time for driving without a valid license can be fined up to $150. The penalty level and severity of the penalty increase according to each offense.

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